Water Drops

After years of shooting all kinds of photography and getting my favorite shots framed and put up around the house, one day I finally noticed that my favorites always seem to have some element of water in them. I can't remember how I first started looking into water drop photography, but once I started exploring this genre, I was officially hooked. Water is the ultimate photo subject. Every drop is unique from every other down to the micro level.  I first started with simple drops by manually dripping water in a container and then trying to time the shutter correctly. After studying other's water drop photography, I saw some of the techniques of producing water drop collisions, and most of them required an electronic controller for the camera, flashes and dropper mechanism.  My first reaction was, "Hey these guys are cheating!"  For some time I continued with my manual setup and got a few interesting shots but found that if I wanted more than a simple drop and funnel shot, I needed to spend a few bucks on an electronic setup like the pros.  So after a bit of investigation, I jumped in with the Mumford Time Machine Drip Kit by Brian Mumford.    Great machine that gives you ultimate control over your creativity.  There are infinite variations of timing and liquids that you can use to produce your own unique creations. Great hobby for the creative photographer.

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