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In 1997, I bought new computer and like most people, I was deeply intrigued by the somewhat new phenomenon of the internet.  My thought was, "I want to create a website.  Well what would it be about?  What am I passionate about? I know, let's make a website about jazz, I love jazz."  In those days you could buy a new dot com domain name for whatever website you wanted, so I chose, jazzreview.com in July of 1997. Well, that's how it started, "Morrice's Jazz Review". It started out with me learning to write html and simply writing reviews of my favorite jazz CDs. I recall when I got excited about getting 50 people to visit the website in a month.  Over the years, myself as the president and publisher, along with the addition of great editors like Cheryl Hughey and Suzi Price, creative design by Juan Fenu (Argentina) and hundreds of great U.S. and international writers (Mark Keresman of Chicago was my first staff writer. He typed his reviews on a typewriter and mail them to me. Yes, mailed them, not email.) and photographers, we grew jazzreview.com into the second largest jazz website in the United States with thousands of visitors a day. We specialized in the following:

  • Reviews of the latest jazz CD releases
  • Interviews with your favorite artists
  • Photography and reviews of recent jazz concerts
  • Jazz News / Press Releases from around the world
  • Book Reviews of the many great books on jazz (featuring the writing of Lee Prosser)
  • Jazz Artists Biographies of your favorite artist from the past and today
  • One of the fastest growing jazz community forums on the net

After fifteen year of successful growth / brand establishment and over 20,000 reviews, articles and photo galleries, in early 2012, due to its size and time to manage, I had to put the site in an archive state and could no longer maintain it.  However, one day if I miraculously find more time, I may decide to start it back up again.

The two great hobbies that developed for me out of the years of managing jazzreview.com were jazz concert photography and website development.  We were fortunate to have world reknown jazz photographer, Jos Knaenpen as one of our staff photographers.  I am grateful that Jos encouraged and mentored my jazz photography from afar.  Over the years, my love of jazz photography caused me to develop an eye for many other photography genres and I continue to explore new photography avenues whenever I can.  However, jazz concert photography will always be my real love.

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